Williams Receives Lifetime Service Award

Robert L. Williams, professor of school psychology, was awarded the Joe Johnson Lifetime Achievement Award for 50 years of service at the fall luncheon.

Williams with Service Award

“This award suggests my career accomplishments are relatively unique within the university. I was the only faculty member to receive it this past year.”

Williams joined UT in 1967, and has been with the Department of Educational Psychology and Counseling through multiple name and organizational changes.

He said, “I particularly enjoyed sitting by the university president during the luncheon. I had an opportunity to ask him a lot of questions about his family and career. I learned that his father taught at the university level until he was 89. I asked the president why his father retired at that point, which turned out to be a physical rather than a mental problem. With or without any awards, my career at UT has contributed greatly to my life-long joy and meaning.”

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