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Curriculum Requirements

Adult Learning

Basic Core (21 Credit Hours)

EDPY 520 – Survey of Adult Education (3)

EDPY 521 – Program Planning in Adult Education (3)

EDPY 522 – Adult Development (3)

EDPY 523 – Adult Learning in Social Context (3)

EDPY 525 – Adult Learning (3)

EDPY 529 – Facilitating Adult Learning (3)

EDPY 539 – International and Comparative Adult Education (3)

Advanced Core (13 Credit Hours)

EDPY  601 – Professional Seminar (1)

EDPY  625 – Advanced Seminar in Adult Learning (3)

EDPY  622 – Advanced Seminar in Adult Education (3)

EDPY  630 – Proseminar in Adult Learning (6)

Research Methods (15 Credit Hours)

Research courses must include classes in research methods, quantitative methodology, and qualitative research, as well as two additional courses as approved by the student’s advisor.

Electives (12 Credit Hours)

Students, in consultation with their advisor, must select four courses that complement their professional focus.

Dissertation (24 Credit Hours)

Once dissertation hours begin, they must be registered for continually (fall, spring, and summer terms) until the final defense is completed.

NOTE: Please check the Graduate Catalog for the most recent course descriptions

Updated 11/06/2018