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Curriculum Requirements

Counselor Education

Major Courses (25 Credit Hours)

COUN 655 – Practicum in Counselor Education (3) fall

COUN 659 – Internship in Counselor Education (6) fall & spring

COUN 662 – Advanced Theory and Practice of Counseling (3) alternately in spring

COUN 670 – Theory and Practice of Counseling Supervision and Consultation (3) spring

COUN 672 – Advanced Multicultural Counseling (3) alternatively in spring

COUN 675 – Theory and Practice of University Teaching in Counselor Education (3) spring

COUN 659 – Internship in Counselor Education (3) fall & spring
Elective approved by your advisor.

COUN 610 – Preparing for Dissertation in Counselor Education (1) spring

Professional Orientation Courses (7 Credit Hours)

COUN 601 – Professional Seminar (1) fall

COUN 645 – Foundations in Counselor Education and Supervision (3) fall

COUN 650 – Seminar in Counselor Education (3) fall

Research Courses (12 Credit Hours)

Students are required to know models and methods of instrument design and will be asked to demonstrate their knowledge on the comprehensive examination. This should be taken into consideration. These courses may count towards related Graduate Certificate programs. At lease one quantitative research course (typically EDPY 577) and one qualitative research course (typically EDPY 559) must be taken.

Cognate Courses (6 Credit Hours)

Chosen from outside COUN courses and must enhance the Counselor Education degree.

Disseration (24 Credit Hours)

COUN 600 – Doctoral Research and Dissertation (24)

Once dissertation hours begin, they must be registered for continually (fall, spring, and summer terms) until the final defense is completed.

NOTE: Please check the Graduate Catalog for the most recent course descriptions

Updated 08/17/2021