Educational Psychology & Counseling Department

Curriculum Requirements

Applied Educational Psychology

Core Courses (24 Credit Hours)
EDPY 506      Introduction to Educational Research Foundations
An introduction to methods and procedures of quantitative and qualitative research, with an emphasis on acquiring skills in analyzing scholarly research and developing fundamental research plans.

EDPY 507      Survey of Educational Psychology
Educational psychology is the pivotal point at which scientific psychology and educational practice come together.  This course explores the dominant culture of the field, its foundational contributors, major areas of study and dominant perspectives, and the contributions of scholars with alternative perspectives.

EDPY 512      Motivation in Learning
An examination of key theories, constructs, and important research findings that shed light on what motivation is, how it affects learning, and ways it can be applied in practice. Although this course focuses on educational settings, motivation theories can be applied to a wide range of learning situations beyond formal education.

 EDPY 513      Reflective Practice in Education and Psychology
Concepts, theories and processes of reflective practice applied to educational settings.

EDPY 521      Program Planning and Operations
Theories and methods from research and practice in planning and operating educational programs.  The focus is on the practice of planning educational programs.  Concepts can be applied in a variety of contexts such as professional development, health education, training in the workplace, or parent education.

EDPY 525      Adult Learning
Key characteristics of adult learners, current theory and research on adult learning, and implications for teaching and learning concepts.

EDPY 573      Meeting Needs of Nontraditional and Underachieving Learners
Primarily an application course that focuses on a comprehensive approach to learning and teaching based on principles derived from educational psychology research with emphasis from the socio-historical theories of Vygotsky and Feuerstein.

 EDPY 574      Facilitating Change in Educational Environments
Provides graduate level knowledge and skills pertaining to the dynamics of change in educational settings for an internal or external change agent as well as strategies for serving as a facilitator of social construction of knowledge whether a teacher/instructor or a leader of change with colleagues.

Applied Educational Psychology Concentration (12 Credit Hours)
EDPY 510 Psychological Theories of Human Development Applied to Education
Theory and research on emotional, social, and intellectual development over life span with applications to educational and therapeutic settings.

 EDPY 572 Theories of Learning in Applied Educational Psychology
Provides graduate level understanding of research and theory pertaining to teaching/learning and as applied in educational settings.  The overall goal for this course is to think critically about major theories of learning and implications for teaching/learning. Theoretical ideas of major contributors include neuroscience of learning, behaviorism, social cognitive theory, information processing theory, constructivism theories, cognitive learning processes, situated learning, sociocultural learning, memory, and transfer.

COUN 525 Formal Measurement in Education and Counseling
Principles of test construction and item analysis. Survey of standardized tests of intelligence, achievement, aptitude, vocational interest, attitudes and personality.

 IT Course
Students select a relevant graduate level course offered online by the IT faculty with approval from advisor.

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