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Curriculum Requirements

Instructional Technology

Our program consists of thirty-three credit hours of coursework with a professional portfolio requirement as the capstone experience for the program. Assuming that students take their coursework at a two-courses-per-semester pace, it can be completed in two years. In addition to coursework and the portfolio, every August there is a one-day required face-to-face orientation at the Knoxville campus prior to the start of the semester. This program will require students to engage in both synchronous and asynchronous online learning.

Foundations (3 Credit Hours)
Sample Courses:
EDPY 572             Theories of Learning in Applied Educational Psychology
EDPY 574             Facilitating Change in Educational Environments
EDPY 522             Adult Development
EDPY 525             Adult Learning
EDPY 521             Program Development and Operation in Adult Education 

Concentration Core (24 Credit Hours)
IT 521             Proseminar 1: Instructional Technology as a Profession (offered fall semesters; formerly IT 595)
IT 532             Online Learning Environments (offered spring semesters; formerly IT 632)
IT 566             Understanding Online Interaction (offered fall semesters)
Prerequisite: IT 532
IT 570             Instructional Systems Design (offered fall semesters)
IT 573             Introduction to Multimedia in Instruction (offered spring semesters)
IT 578             Instructional Media Development (offered spring semesters)
Prerequisite: IT 570
IT 577             Practicum in Online Learning Environments (offered summer semesters)
Prerequisite: IT 566
IT 594             Proseminar 2: Instructional Technology as a Profession (offered spring semesters)

Elective (3 Credit Hours)
Electives include options such as educational psychology, program evaluation, assessment, or media development. If a break is taken, then a three-credit hour course must be taken another semester to fulfill graduation requirements.
IT 525             Professional Ethics in Instructional Technology (offered summer semesters) (or approved equivalent)

Research (3 Credit Hours)
EDPY 506      Introduction to Educational Research (or approved equivalent)


NOTE: For the most recent course descriptions please check the Graduate Catalog.


Updated 11/30/2017

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