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Curriculum Requirements

Learning, Design & Technology

Basic Core (10 Credit Hours)*

EDPY 601 – Professional Seminar (1)

IT 678 – Seminar in Instructional Technology (3)

LEES 650 – Design Thinking and Theory (3)

IT 679 – Theoretical Trends and Issues in Learning, Design, and Technology (3)

*Co-Requisites that do not count towards the doctoral degree include IT 521, IT 570, and IT 573. If students have equivalent experiences or coursework from a master’s degree they can be exempt from part or all of the co-requisite requirement.

Advanced Core (6 Credit Hours)*

Students, in consultation with their advisor, must select two course. These are sample courses that fulfill this requirement:

EDPY 631 – Discourse Analysis of Educational Environments (3)

LEES 659 – Cultural Historical Activity Theory and Methods (3)

IT 681 – Design Problems in Learning Environments (3)

ETEC 587 – Integrating Emerging Technologies into Teaching and Learning (3)

*Co-Requisites in the Basic Core are Pre-Requisites for the Advanced Core.

Research Apprenticeship (6 Credit Hours)

LEES 602 – Directed Research (3)

IT 693 – Independent Study (3)

Research Methods (15 Credit Hours)

Students, in consultation with their advisor, must select two courses in addition to the required courses below.

EDPY 682 – Educational Research Methods (3)

EDPY 559 – Introduction to Qualitative Research in Education (3)

EDPY 577 – Statistics in Applied Fields I (3)

Electives (9 Credit Hours)

Nine credit hours of graduate level courses recommended by advisor that can include courses in Instructional Technology, Educational Technology, Adult Learning, Qualitative Research, Evaluation, and Quantitative Research.

LDT Sample Elective Options

Cognate (6 Credit Hours)

Six credit hours of graduate level courses recommended by advisor in areas such as Educational Technology, Cultural Studies, and Information Science.

LDT Sample Cognate Options

Dissertation (24 Credit Hours)

Once dissertation hours begin, they must be registered for continually (fall, spring, and summer terms) until the final defense is completed.

IT 600 Doctoral Research and Dissertation

NOTE: Please check the Graduate Catalog for the most recent course descriptions

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