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Craig D. Howard

Craig D. Howard, PhD

Assistant Professor, Graduate Certificate Coordinator, Program Coordinator


I am originally from Western New York, specifically the region near Niagara Falls and Buffalo, NY. Prior to coming to Tennessee, I held a number of different teaching positions. I was a licensed K12 teacher in New York City and an instructor in several Intensive English Programs, including programs at Columbia University, Georgia Tech, the City University of New York, and a satellite program of the State University of New York at Albany. I was also a lecturer, and later senior lecturer, at two universities in Japan—Kanda University of International Studies and Rikkyo University. Since that time, I have taught at Indiana University as an Associate Instructor and at Texas A&M University Texarkana as an Assistant Professor.

I have passed proficiency exams in German (Goethe test 1991), Spanish (US civil servant proficiency exam for Spanish translation for the US Customs Service, 1994), and Japanese (national test for Japanese proficiency, 2004), and many of these experiences have influenced my research. I study the development of discourse ability, especially discourse in professional development. I have studied discourse growth in engineers, teachers, and designers, mostly using methods of discourse analysis and a design inquiry methodology called the instructional design case—a method of research I have been involved in advancing since 2009.

I maintain a website with downloads of all my publications and a blog that deals with issues of scholarship in instructional design, I am a proud daddy of two wonderful bilingual children.


  • Instructional Affordances
  • CMC (Computer Mediated Communication)
  • Instructional Design
  • Design Learning
  • Higher Order Thinking


  • PhD, Instructional Systems Technology, Indiana University Bloomington, 2012
  • MA, TESOL, Teachers College Columbia University, 1998
  • BA, Humanities, State University of New York College at Buffalo, 1994



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*Lunga, M. L., & Howard, C. D. (2020). A lived experience of the Tennessee School for the Deaf (1920-2000). In E. Boling, C. M. Gray, C. D. Howard, & J. W. Baaki (Eds.), Historical instructional design cases: ID knowledge in context and practice. Taylor and Francis.

Howard, C. D., & Benedicks, R. H. (2020). An industry liaison for graduate learning in instructional design. TechTrends 64, 451-459. doi:10.1007/s11528-019-00465-4. [Nominated for the AECT Outstanding Research Paper Award in the Organizational Training and Performance Division to be announced in November 2020.]

*Bevins, K. L., & Howard C. D. (2020). The design discourse of the advanced beginner. In B. Hokanson, G. Clinton, A Tawfik, A. Grincewicz, & M. Schmidt (Eds.), Educational technology beyond content. Educational communications and technology: Issues and innovations (pp. 85-98). Springer, Cham.

*Culbertson, J. L., & Howard, C. D. (2020). Review of: Huang, R., Spector, M. J., & Yang, J. (2019). Educational technology: A primer for the 21st century. Springer Singapore. TechTrends 64, 678-679. doi:10.1007/s11528-020-00507-2.

Howard, C. D. (2019). Critical thinking in collaborative video annotations: Relationships between criticism and higher order thinking. In G. Mariano & J. Figliano (Eds.), Handbook of research on critical thinking strategies in pre-service learning environments (pp. 493-514). Information Science Reference Series, Hershey, PA. doi:10.4018/978-1-5225-7823-9.ch024.

Howard, C. D., & Das, A. (2019). Designing competitive discussions for equity and inclusion. The International Journal of Designs for Learning 10(1), 1-13.

*Bevins, K. L., & Howard, C. D. (2018). Game mechanics and why they are employed: What we know about gamification so far. Issues and Trends in Educational Technology 6(1), 58-84.

Howard, C. D., & *Do, J. W. (2017). L2 (im)politeness in the synchronous chat of elementary school learners. Teaching English with Technology, 17(1), 17-45.

*denotes a student author


Bevins, K. L., & Howard, C. D. (2019, October) A shift to a holistic view of the instructional designer. AECT Conference. Las Vegas, NV.

Howard, C. D. (2018, July). コンピューターによる言語学習. Instructional design in language teaching. Invited address, 首都大学東京 Tokyo Metropolitan University. Tokyo, Japan.

Bevins, K. L., & Howard, C. D. (2018, October). Key discursive behaviors in design learning. AECT Conference. Kansas City, MO.

Bevins, K. L., & Howard, C. D. (2018, July). Designerly Talk in the Design Studio. AECT Summer Research Symposium. Bloomington, IN. 

Craig D. Howard

Contact Information

  • 517 Bailey Education Complex, 1126 Volunteer Blvd.
  • Phone: 865-974-8642
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