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Laura Wheat

Laura S. Wheat, PhD, LPC (GA), NCC

Assistant Professor, Graduate Certificate Coordinator, GOI Coordinator


I grew up in an Air Force family, but I claim Rock Hill, South Carolina, as home, and that is where I’ve lived the longest. My paternal relations are all from the towns surrounding Knoxville, though, and I grew up singing “Rocky Top.” My outside interests include hiking, going to the movies, UT football, and doing all the voices when I read fiction out loud.


  • Loss and Life Transitions across the Lifespan
  • Grieving Children and Adolescents, particularly Youth of Color
  • Losses Experienced by LGBTQ Individuals
  • Counseling Children & Adolescents from Highly Mobile Families, including Military and Third Culture Kids (TCKs)


  • PhD, Counselor Education, University of Virginia, 2011
  • MEd, Counseling & Development, Winthrop University, 2007
  • BA, Psychology, Winthrop University, 1999
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*Indicates Student

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Recent Presentations (*indicates student)

Wheat, L. S. (2020, April). Death & non-death loss in the lives of LGBTQ+ people.Accepted for presentation at the Association for Death Education & Counselingconference, Columbus, OH. Conference canceled due to COVID-19 stateclosure. Presentation moved to April 2021 virtual conference.

Wheat, L. S., & *Hightower, J. (2019, November). Loving, living, & losing: Loss inLGBTQ+ lives. Breakout session presented at the Tennessee CounselingAssociation conference, Nashville, TN.

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Wheat, L. S., Matthews, J. J., & Whiting, P. P. (2019, April). Grief content inclusion inaccredited counselor education programs. Presented at the Association forDeath Education & Counseling conference, Atlanta, GA.

Cupit, I. N., Servaty-Seib, H. L., Varga, M. A., & Wheat, L. S. (2018, April). Teachingthat matters: Balancing the academic and personal. Panel discussion presentedat the Association for Death Education & Counseling conference, Pittsburgh, PA.

Wheat, L. S. (2017, November). Loss, belongingness, & identity: What counselorsshould know about Third Culture Kids. Content session presented at theTennessee Counseling Association conference, Nashville, TN.

Wheat, L. S. (2017, June). Loss in the lives of LGBTQ+ People. Invited webinarsponsored by the Association for Death Education & Counseling.

*Clark, J. M., & Wheat, L. S. (2017, June). Religion and the rainbow: A counselortrainee’s journey to help clients reconcile conflicting identities. Education sessionpresented at the American Counseling Association ILLUMINATE symposium,Washington, DC.

Varga, M. A., Wheat, L. S., & Pollard, B. L. (2017, April). The grief experiences ofGraduate counseling students. Education session presented at the Associationfor Death Education & Counseling conference, Portland, OR.

Wheat, L. S., & *Farrell, I. C. (2016, September). Bringing bereavement out of thecloset: Partner/spousal bereavement among LGBTQ+ individuals. Educationsession presented at the Association for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, & TransgenderIssues in Counseling conference, San Antonio, TX

Laura Wheat

Contact Information

  • 443 Claxton Education Building, 1122 Volunteer Blvd.
  • Phone: 865-974-3845
  • E-mail: