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Lisa Yamagata-Lynch

Lisa Yamagata-Lynch

Professor & Ombudsperson


  • PhD, Educational Psychology and Instructional Systems Technology, Indiana University, 2001
  • MS, Instructional Systems Technology, Indiana University, 1996
  • BA, Psychology, University of the Sacred Heart, Tokyo, Japan, 1994
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Yamagata-Lynch, L. C., Garty, E, Hostetter, S. T., Lunga, M. (in press). Grappling with professional ethics in instructional technology by participating an online service-learning course. Journal of Computing in Higher Education. 

Brawner, S., Stephens, C. A., Yamagata-Lynch, L., & Donaldson, J., & (2020). Leadership attainment of 14 women in agriculture: A qualitative study. Journal of Leadership, Accountability and Ethics 17(1), 62-86. doi:10.33423/jlae.v17i1.2791 

Medley, R. A., Nolley, C., Labriola, T., Brown, Y., Polowy, M., Lloyd, V., York, C. S., & Yamagata-Lynch, L., C. (2020). Evolutional and technological influences in design: A longitudinal examination of PRIDE design case. In M. J. Bishop et al. (Eds.). Handbook of Research on Educational Communications and Technology. (pp. 799-818). New York, NY: Springer. doi: 10.1007/978-3-030-36119-8_39 

Yamagata-Lynch, L. C., Chang, H. -H., Hayakawa, T., Mastrogiovanni, J., Shipley, L., Miller, C., & Terrica, D. (2020). Ahah, I’m a designer?!: Becoming empowered designers through course experiences. In Hokanson et al. (Eds). Educational Technology Beyond Content: A New Focus for Learning. (pp. 11-26). New York, NY: Springer. doi: 10.1007/978-3-030-37254-5 

Do, J., & Yamagata-Lynch, L. C. (2017). Designing and developing cell phone applications for qualitative research. Qualitative Inquiry 23(10), 757-767. doi: 10.1177/1077800417731085 


Yamagata-Lynch, L. C. (2021). Making the ombuds office accessible with data visualization: What data to collect, how to analyze, how to visualize, how to create ombuds service data dashboards, and engaging in a data showcase. International Ombuds Association Annual Conference, Virtual. 

Yamagata-Lynch, L. C., Lunga, M. L., Shipley, L., Mastrogiovanni, J. M., Chang, H. (2019). Be inspired in a collaborative research team! Paper presented at the Annual Convention of the Association of Educational Communication and Technology, Las Vegas, NV. 

Yamagata-Lynch, L. C., Garty, E., & Teague, S, J. (2018). Qualitative comparative study of instructional design and technology student perception of ethical responsibilities to AECT Standards and Code of Ethics. Paper presented at the Annual Convention of the Association of Educational Communication and Technology, Kansas City, KS. 

Lisa Yamagata-Lynch

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