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Barbara Thayer-Bacon

AESA Critics’ Choice Awards are decided annually by a committee who recognize and raise awareness of outstanding recent scholarship pertinent to the field and members of AESA.

Thayer-Bacon AESA Award“I’m very excited and proud to know my work was finally recognized in this way by my colleagues in my field of study.”

The books that earned the AESA Critics’ Choice Awards are:

Democracies Always in the Making: Historical and Current Philosophical Issues for Education by Barbara Thayer Bacon

Education Feminism: Classic and Contemporary Readings by Barbara Thayer-Bacon, Lynda Stone, and Katharine Sprecher


Studies in Philosophy and Education (SPED) is an international, peer-reviewed journal that has been in existence for more than 50 years. The journal invites collaboration and academic exchanges among philosophers, philosophers of education, educational and social science researchers, and educational policy makers throughout the world. SPED focuses on the conceptual, normative, philosophical, and theoretical issues in educational research, policy, and practice.

Thayer-Bacon explained “what is a surprise is to discover that with my becoming Editor-in-Chief, I become the first woman to serve in this role not only for SPED, but also for any of the top ranted English journals in educational philosophy.”

She expressed her excitement about beginning this new role and continuing to develop the “long-standing strength and quality of this journal.” She will be working with the former Editor-in-Chief, Gert Biesta, who is remaining on the Editorial Board for a year to assist with the transition.

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