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Craig D. Howard


Instructional Technology

Craig D. Howard joined the University of Tennessee and the Department of Educational Psychology and Counseling as an assistant professor for Instructional Technology in August of 2015. We asked him to reflect on his first semester here. Read his responses below.

What sold you on UT?
I was already familiar with a number of EPC faculty members’ research from reading, and I already knew about the synchronous online approach— so I jumped on the chance to apply. I was excited when my value system revolving around online learning matched so well with faculty here. I was sold before I got to the airport to head home.

What do you think was most rewarding or challenging about being a new faculty member?
Every new place takes a while to learn. I kind of expected that, but what I did not expect was such a warm welcome from students and colleagues. I have made an effort to be on campus as much as possible this past year and I think that has paid off in a good rapport with the people I have met so far.

What has been your most memorable experience this semester?
The sense of community in the online classes among students would be the most memorable set of events, for sure.

Name one fact about yourself that most people don’t know.
I have an uncanny ability to get myself food poisoned. I have lost count on how many times so far; my strategy of selecting the most unusual item on the menu has proven adventurous but also sometimes debilitating.