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graduate student poster competition

Mynatt, Pollard, and Stephens at poster presentation competitionThree Counselor Education PhD candidates – Blair Mynatt, Brittany Pollard, and Adam Stephens – won first place in the Graduate Student Poster Competition at the 57th Annual Tennessee Counseling Association (TCA) Conference. Counselor Education PhD student, Everett Painter, also placed second in the same competition.

TCA only accepted thirty posters for this Graduate Student Presentation. The competition was split between masters and doctorate levels, with first and second place prizes awarded among both groups. Everett PainterMost Tennessee universities with counseling programs were represented in the competition.

The TCA 57th Annual Conference was held November 22-25 in Murfreesboro, TN, with the theme of “Fostering Ideal Relationships to Strengthen Teamwork.”

Mynatt, Pollard, and Stephens presented “A Content Analysis of Teaching Syllabi in Counselor Education Programs” highlighting the characteristics of doctoral teaching courses pertaining to CACREP’s learning outcome for teaching.

Painter presented “Developing a Model of Trauma-Sensitive Supervision” sharing findings, providing an opportunity to discuss a case, and examining the necessary components of such a model.