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Mary Wynn

Two faculty members and five students from the Department of Educational Psychology and Counseling were recognized at the Chancellor’s Honors Banquet on April 16, 2019.

See below for a description of each individual’s award.

Extraordinary Professional Promise

Honors awarded to undergraduate and graduate students who demonstrate professional promise in teaching, research, or other contributions.

Terry Gibson, ESM student

Terry O. Gibson Jr.
PhD Candidate in Evaluation, Statistics & Measurement

“Receiving the Extraordinary Professional Promise award was inspirational and made me feel a sense of accomplishment.”

Marlon Johnson, Counselor Ed

Marlon Johnson
PhD Candidate in Counselor Education

“It’s humbling to be acknowledged as someone who can make an impact in the field of Counselor Education. I’m often resistant to exploring and experiencing acknowledgements like this. I work hard like my colleagues, knowing that we do it all to better our communities and our profession. I’m overwhelmed with joy and hope to continue to make a difference after graduation!”

photo of Ashley Scheyder

Ashley Scheyder
MS in School Counseling ’19

“Receiving the Extraordinary Professional Promise Award is such an honor. I am so thankful for my entire graduate experience with the counseling program and I know that this award reflects the hard work of many others that have supported me and poured into me in various ways. I would not me the person that I am today if it were not for this program and I am thankful that they have challenged and helped me to grow while still allowing me to be myself along the way. I am so excited to begin my professional journey in School Counseling, and receiving this award reminded me that I am ready and that there are many people right next to me cheering me on along the way.”

Mary Wynn

Mary Wynn
MS Student in Clinical Mental Health Counseling

“I am so appreciative for our program and the counseling field. I always knew I wanted to help people, but it was a journey to find my way to the counseling profession. Now that I’m here, my spirit is overflowing with exuberant gratitude! I love what we do! We get to help and empower clients through individual counseling and psychoeducation, and we are working to break down systemic barriers through social justice advocacy. I love that our program doesn’t ask us to put on a façade of perfection, rather we are called to openness and self-awareness to harness our life experiences, to attune our perceptions and biases. I am so thankful for my cohort, professors, and mentors who have seen me and invested their time to help me grow.”

Excellence in Teaching

Honor bestowed by the Office of the Chancellor and the Teaching Council of the Faculty Senate to honor outstanding work in the classroom.

Lauren Moret

Lauren Moret
Assistant Professor

Excellence in Advising

Honor bestowed by the Office of the Chancellor and the Teaching Council of the Faculty Senate to honor outstanding work in advising.

Jennifer Ann Morrow

Jennifer Ann Morrow
Associate Professor

“Over the past 21 years I have gotten to work with some amazing students and colleagues. Thank you for continuing to remind me why I love what I do.”

LGBTQ Student Leadership Award

Award given by the Commission for LGBT People to a student who demonstrates a commitment to advancing lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender issues on campus.


Nancy Thacker
PhD in Counselor Education ’19

“I am honored to receive the LGBT Student Leadership Award. Working for the Commission for LGBT People at UT Knoxville for the past three years has been the most rewarding experience. I am grateful for the opportunities I have had to serve the UT Knoxville LGBTQ+ community alongside a group of strong, persistent, and dedicated LGBTQ+ social advocates. ”

Congratulations to the 2017-18 fellowship/scholarship recipients from the Educational Psychology and Counseling Department!

<strong>Brenna Berry</strong> <em>Evaluation, Statistics &amp; Measurement</em>
– Tennessee Graduate Fellowship Excellence

<strong>Ben Gaertner</strong> <em> School </em><em>Counseling
</em>- Eugene and Mary Sue Akins Graduate Fellowship

<strong>Takuya Hayakawa</strong> <em>Learning Environments &amp; Educational Studies
</em>- Travis Hawk Fellowship

<strong>Douglas Johnston</strong> <em> School </em><em>Counseling</em><em>
</em>- Eugene and Mary Sue Akins Graduate Fellowship

<strong>Ashley Kennedy</strong> <em> School </em><em>Counseling</em><em>
</em>- Helen Carter Murray Scholarship

<strong>Rachel Ladd</strong> <em>Evaluation, Statistics &amp; Measurement
</em>- Travis Hawk Fellowship

<strong>Jessica Marzi</strong> <em>Counselor Education</em>
– Access &amp; Diversity Fellowship
– Dr. Stephen Lee Alderton Graduate Fellowship

<strong>Sara Nasrollahian</strong> <em>Adult Learning
</em>- Travis Hawk Fellowship

<strong>Christina Nesbit</strong> <em>Clinical Mental Health Counseling</em>
– Charles Lowell Thompson Fellowship

<strong>Alex Price</strong> <em>School Psychology</em>
– Tennessee Graduate Fellowship Excellence

<strong>Jonah Ruddy</strong> <em>School Psychology</em>
– Dr. Richard Yoakley Fellowship

<strong>Lynnette Whitsitt</strong> <em>School Psychology</em>
– J. Wallace &amp; Katie Dean Graduate Fellowship

<strong>Mary Wynn</strong> <em>Clinical Mental Health Counseling</em>
– Charles Lowell Thompson Fellowship