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online course development

Instructional Technology

Hathaway earned an MS with the Instructional Technology program in 2014. Originally from Wilmington, DE, he now lives in Maryville, TN. We asked him to reflect on past experiences with EPC and discuss where he’s at now. Read his responses below.

Current Occupation

Health Physicist
Professional Training Programs
Oak Ridge Associated Universities (ORAU)
Oak Ridge, TN

I am involved in developing, coordinating, and conducting training courses in health physics*. These courses for corporate and government clients may be face to face (F2F) and/or online.

*Health physics – the science of protecting people and their environment from potential radiation hazards, while making it possible to enjoy the benefits of the peaceful use of the atom.

Awards and Accomplishments Earned as a Student

Not so much of an award as it is an accomplishment, but selfishly getting my classmates to collaborate on project topics of personal interest to me.

Accomplishments since Graduating

After completing my MS in Instructional Technology, I was successful in implementing a ‘prototype’ IT class project. I and my team took 14 months and converted a F2F course (consisting of 80 hours of instruction and hands on laboratory exercises + 2 weeks of travel and expenses) and converted it into a course which blended asynchronous, level 2 online content, synchronous online meetings, and only 4 days of travel and expenses. This successful foray into online learning was instrumental in our group winning a multi-million dollar government contract to continue similar course conversions.

Personal Interests

Personal interests include travel and outdoor activities; i.e, snow skiing in the winter, fishing in the spring, kayaking in the summer, and football (watching) and hunting in the fall.

What do you think was the most rewarding/challenging about this program?

The IT program was ‘on-campus’ when I started and was employed at the University of Tennessee Medical Center. Shortly after I started, the IT program transitioned to its current ‘online’ format. Yes, the ‘online’ experience took a bit getting used to but the side benefit – you can go on vacation and still attend class.

Did you end up where you thought you would?

Not exactly. When I started the IT program, I was employed at the University of Tennessee Medical Center as the Program Director for the School of Nuclear Medicine. It was there I had an interest in distance learning and started in the IT masters program at UT. Literally two courses into the program, the School of Nuclear Medicine closed and I landed at ORAU. They had ideas of offering online training but had none at the time. Well I stayed in the IT program and the rest is history.

How did your experiences as a student help you in your professional/personal life after graduation?

In retrospect, the transition of the IT program to a blended synchronous/asynchronous, online format greatly benefited me in my new position at ORAU where my team and I produce content and develop blended online courses. Nothing like having a personal experience in an online learning environment.

“Go Vols!”