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Louis Rocconi, assistant professor, won the UT Student Government Association (SGA) Open Education Award at a ceremony co-hosted with University Libraries on April 18.

“I feel very honored. Honestly, I was surprised to win an award my first year at UT! I want to thank all of my students and especially the ones who nominated me. Thank you for inspiring me to do my best.”

What do you think made your nomination stand out for the SGA Open Education Awards?
I think my nomination stood out because I try to make my course materials accessible and relatable to all students. There is so much information freely available online on introductory statistical methods that I thought I should try to use these resources in my course in lieu of a traditional textbook.

What Open Educational Resources do you use?
The virtual textbook I use in my EDPY 577: Statistics in Applied Fields I is a freely available online textbook called “Online Statistics Education: A Multimedia Course of Study” ( by Project Leader David Lane at Rice University. The textbook includes some great virtual demonstrations and simulations that you typically don’t get with a physical textbook. Plus, it not only has a web version but also includes a mobile version, PDF, and an ebook for the iPhone and iPad. I also supplement the text with other online resources and notes.