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Undergraduate Courses

The Department of Educational Psychology & Counseling is pleased to announce that its undergraduate course, EDPY 310: Human Relationships in Workplace & Personal Contexts, is now offered as an approved Volunteer Core course option.

Volunteer Core is the University’s general education curriculum, required of all undergraduate students. EDPY 310 satisfies the “Applied Oral Communication (AOC)” requirement of Vol Core. Click here to learn more.

The course also counts toward the EPC Minor in Interpersonal Development!

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EDPY 310 is a universally beneficial class for all UT students who seek to become better communicators and to acquire skills that will help them to stand out in their careers. The class provides an opportunity to learn key interpersonal communication skills that can be applied to both career and personal life, as well as to discuss mental health, diversity, relational boundaries, and many other important topics. The course is available for spring 2022 registration.

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The Department of Educational Psychology & Counseling recently added a new minor in Interpersonal Development to its growing list of undergraduate programs.

The minor draws from EPC’s robust scholarship in mental health counseling and educational psychology to form an interdisciplinary program that is applicable to a broad range of majors across the university. The program will focus on Interpersonal Development, to include building students’ communication skills, human support skills, professional development, and more.

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For more information about the Minor in Interpersonal Development, click here:

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EDPY 310 – Human Relationships in the Workplace and Personal Contexts

Spring Registration Begins November 1!

For anyone seeking to stand out among job applicants, the Department of Educational Psychology & Counseling is delighted to offer a new undergraduate course, beginning Spring 2022: EDPY 310 – Human Relationships in the Workplace and Personal Contexts.

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The course will also count toward the new minor in Interpersonal Development. For more information on the minor, click here.

Students can expect to explore key interpersonal and communication skills for career success in EDPY 310, with the opportunity to apply those concepts further to personal relationships and life skills. Critical topics such as mental health and diversity will also be discussed.

This course, and the minor, are designed to positively empower students to gain invaluable and lifelong skills as human supports in the workplace, and beyond.

Click here to view the course description in the undergraduate catalog.

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