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Students/Professionals at a table with laptops collaborating in an office or educational environment.

Interpersonal Development Minor

The Interpersonal Development Minor prepares students to engage effectively in diverse and dynamic workplace environments, and beyond, by examining key interpersonal communication and support skills, studying lifelong learning and how these skills develop in others, and participating in a capstone course experience that focuses on organizational contexts within the student’s chosen career. Particular focus in the capstone course is placed on the career disciplines of Adult Learning, Educational Psychology, Evaluation, Statistics, & Measurement, Instructional Technology, School Psychology, Clinical Mental Health Counseling, and School Counseling. The minor consists of 15 credit hours.

Professional Endorsements

Profile Headshot of Emilie Denson of North American Denso Manufacturing

“Interpersonal development and the knowledge and skills that come with it are necessary within the workplace on a daily basis. We need employees within our company who can effectively work outside of silos and with our various levels of employees.

…Having a capacity to appreciate diversity in the workforce – in all its forms – is critical to our company’s success. Effective use of interpersonal knowledge and skills helps build mutual respect and trust within a work setting and with one’s team-mates.  This respect and trust often enhances the quantity and quality of ideas and supports needed change and problem resolution.

When you engage in the resume writing and job interview process, showcase your participation in this Interpersonal Development minor in addition to your discipline specific or technical knowledge and skills…Let your potential employer know that you understand the importance of effective interpersonal development in the workplace.”

Emilie Denson, North American Denso Manufacturing

Profile Headshot of Keeli Boyce of Express Strategic Services

“Employers are looking for college graduates that can work effectively with lots of different types of people.  For example, there may be as many as five different generations working within a given group.  Getting along with and being able to collaborate with others is essential in today’s team environments.

Participating in this Interpersonal Development minor demonstrates that you have some awareness of the importance of these knowledge and skills.  You will be able to demonstrate your openness to growing in this arena, your capacity to empathize and put yourself in another person’s shoes, and a willingness to explore your own strengths and weaknesses.

…When you prepare for post-graduate job opportunities, you need to differentiate yourself from all of the other resumes/interviews.  Bring attention to your participation in this minor as one way to separate yourself from the pack.”

Keeli Boyce, Express Strategic Services