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Ashlee B. Anderson, PhD


Cultural Studies of Educational Foundations

Ashlee B. Anderson joined the University of Tennessee and the Department of Educational Psychology and Counseling as Lecturer in August of 2014. We asked her to reflect on her first semester here. Read her responses below.

What have you most liked about EPC?
EPC has the best students! I have really enjoyed getting to know students both from my program area and from other academic disciplines in my classes. I also really enjoy the opportunities for collaboration that I have seen amongst the faculty.

What would you tell the next new faculty member who joins EPC?
EPC staff members know everything! They can help you with anything you need.

What has been your most memorable experience this semester?
When my students threw me a surprise class celebration after I defended my dissertation. They made that accomplishment so much more meaningful!

What’s your favorite activity outside of work?
I love stand up comedy.